Style.Uz UNDERGROUND fashion show by young designers

UNDERGROUND is annual fashion show within the framework of Art Week
Since 2006 it was opened a lot of talented young people who want to be fashion designers. The conception of the fashion show is to open new figures in design and revival of national clothes.
All the photos from fashion show you can observe here

Here's my look
I have chosen forever 21 jeans jacket a la Chanel, mango skirt, floral headband and classical shoes by new look.

This year 18 talented designers showed 16 collections. Some of them were in extremely modern style, but most of the collections mixed uzbek national and modern fashion traditions.

Finally, the most impressive point of the show became the collection by designer from Russia, Natalia Medvedeva. She presented dresses made from paper. I think that it is very difficult work and it is obvious that she spent a lot of time and patience to create this collection. The collection of Russian designer became an evidence that the circle of UNDERGROUND  show expands and is becoming an international brand.

the event was held in the palace of youth art. it was a lot of advertisement stands there. Some pics here :)
the week's guest, a director of "Russian silhouette" Tatiana Mikhalkova

beautiful girls distributed cocktails to guests

the symbol of Art Week Style.UZ 2013 - pretty sweet

I really enjoyed the show and wish that you'd like my scoop :)
Anastasia <3

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