Famous Uzbek singers Lola, Shahzoda, Rayhon. Their music and style

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But you always inspire me and I write this publication because of the inspiring message from Siddharth Das from India. Thank you for your letter! :)

Okay, now... Uzbekistan is very interesting country as you can understand. Also, we have developed show-business industry. There are a lot of talented and wonderful singers and musicians.  I would like yo introduce you the most famous singers in Uzbekistan. They are all very talented and beautiful. You can easily find their music and video on YouTube or official websites.

1. Shahzoda

Her real name is Zilola Musaeva. She was born in Uzbekistan in 1979. She studied in Ukraine, Kiev. Shahzoda started her professional career in early 2000s and immediately became very popular in Uzbekistan. Then since 2009 she won the love of Russian and world fans. She cooperated with famous Russian musicians and popular DJ Smash.
 These days she is very popular not only in Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries, but Europe also. She is very talented, bright and stylish. Shahzoda is not only singer. She played role in films such as "Fotima va Zuhra",  "O, Maryam Maryam" etc. Also, Shahzoda is mother of 2 sons

Her style is mostly casual. During performance she often wears uzbek national costumes

When you see Shahzoda you can easily understand that she is very open and bright person

in stylish uzbek national dress

 2. Lola

Lola Yuldashev, better known by her stage name LOLA, born September 4, 1985 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She studied in London, Moscow and TASHKENT. She is a lawyer by profession.
Lola started her music career at the age of 10. in 2002 she started her career in Russia by stage name Maya. Here video clips were very popular on russian tv-channels MTV, MuzTv etc.
Then she returns to Tashkent and becomes very popular here. Her concerts become the most popular and music is rotated in all the stations.
Lola also played in different films. She is a mother of girls and boy
I love her style!

in Uzbek traditional costume

with her children

Lola's family

3. Rayhon

Rayhon Ganieva is a famous and adorable singer (born September 16, 1978),  Rayhon has recorded songs both in Uzbek and Russian.
Rayhon came to prominence within the Uzbek film industry as the leading actress and screenwriter of the 2007 Uzbekdrama film Kechir (Forgive Me). She received positive reviews for her performance in the film both from movie critics and fans.
On November 16, 2012, Rayhon got married to Yigitali Mamajonov. this year she became mother of  twin boys :) Her mother, Tamara Shokirova, was a highly acclaimed Uzbek actress who received the title Meritorious Artist of the Uzbek SSR. Her father, Otabek Gʻaniyev, is also a well-known actor in Uzbekistan and other former Soviet countries. She graduated from the Uzbek State Institute of World Languages in Tashkent with a degree in English philology. In 2000, she started her career as a solo singer. Rayhon gained widespread recognition in Uzbekistan with her song "Baxtli boʻlaman" from her album Baxtli boʻlaman which was released in 2002. Later that year the singer gave her first concert to a large audience at the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Tashkent.

Rayhon is very talented, positiva nad beautiful :)

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