Your best PROM. cocktail dress look

Hello my dears! This time is the season of prom nights. This day happens only once in a lifetime , that is why every girl want to be a princess this day. However, long curvy dresses are very official and formal for the ball where you want to dance and enjoy the time with your schoolmates.

Therefore, I advise you to wear a cocktail dress, which you can wear absolutely everywhere. It means that you will not waste money on nothing. I say it from my own experience as my luxury prom dress hang—č on a hanger for 4 years, though it's very beautiful and princess-like.

I have a chosen a white dress (this is the present from my adorable friends with nude heeled shoes as the base
To add the image I have chosen red bag and red lipstick. 

I like
Casual bun and pearl earrings with bracelet

Don't forget to put the perfume to your bag. i think that Carolina Herrera's "'L'EAU" is the best fragrance for this outfit
Also, don't forget about lipstick :)

 Prom should be an unforgettable day. So you should feel comfort. That is why I advise you to choose the dress you love and shoes in which you feel confidence and energy :))
Wish you a happy prom night! 

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