Sunday, 19 February 2017

Camel coat welcomed in Cuenca

Hola a todos! Hello my dear readers. It´s been a long time since I´ve not written to my blog, but the are heavy reasons because I moved to another country. Foe 5 months I live in Spain in a very marvellous old city Cuenca. This UNESCO´s world heritage city is so old and at the same time so magnificent. The most adorable place is Old Plaza where you can contemplate small houses on the top of he mountains and famous Cathedral de Santa Maria y San Julian.

For me the colour of Old Cuenca is Beige, that´s why I present you my Cuenca inspired look. My favourite beige hat and camel coat.

This coat I bought in Pull&Bear. I combined it with beige Asos hat, Forever 21 boots and jens by Lefties. When exploring a new city it is hard to use only bag, so i had to wer my stylish backpack in the most fashioable green colour

Black shoes should not be only black  So I decided to wear casual shirt in black and long cardigan which is now on the top trends

This view is amazing!

Black cardigan is the best opportunity to add something interesting in your look and at the same time very useful when it is windy weather

And that´s the Cathedral behind me. you should definitely visit this place one time

Soon more new posts,

Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year. Welcome 2017!

Hello my dear readers! I am very happy to welcome you in the new 2017 year. 2016 was very great and fruitful but the new year will be brighter and full of new experience and emotions. Of course, I wish that my blog will be even more interesting in the New Year and more inspo is waiting for you.

Today I want to continue the concept of my blog and show you the look which featured or UZbek brand "Fratelli Casa". Uzbek Ikat as a print - that's how I called my look.

This sweet-shot is by our local mas market brand fratellicasa. They use local cotton fabrique and some national accessories are used as the print.

They are best with jeans and my lovely sneakers

But winter is cold as usual that's why don't forget about warm coat

Wish that your new year will be very happy! 

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Monday, 19 December 2016

When Christmas comes to town

Though in Tashkent we actually celebrate New Year just like Christmas, this beautiful children song comes to my mind everyday as the most awaited winter holiday is coming. 

This post is dedicated not only to my winter outfit but local events, how Tashkent citizens are preparing for New Year holiday: to drink coffee and, of course buy presents. Actually I have a lot of places I want to share where I like to spend my winter time, they are Bon! cafe, Pie Republic and others but in this post, which inspired by great Eventbrite team which is the online platform for event organizers to sell tickets online.  If you'd like to sell tickets to your own event you can go, I want stop on the most important topic. And of course it is present. 

Where to buy presents for Christmas and New Year in Tashkent and at the same time drink coffee, eat tasty meals to have some rest after a long-hour shopping? My choice is Samarqand Darvoza mall. Here you can find everything to make good shopping, and what is most importantly - Hugeee Christmas tree.Christmas songs and beautiful decorations are all around. A lot of people are in search for the best presents for the lovely ones and children are playing, that's what I call Christmas (New Year) spirit.

My camera could not catch all the tree but it really huge and I delved into my childhood.

When I was a child every year on New Year Holiday (Actually in Uzbekistan and most post-soviet countries people celebrate 31st December - 1st January with presents, parties and Christmas tree) I wrote to Santa to present me Barbie doll and still when I see these dolls I really want to have them as a present. 

Wheт the presents for children are bought we can treat ourselves with some presents.
So I made a present for myself buying some cosmetics.

The shopping is done, so people are having a rest in a cafe. This cafe makes very tasty coffee

And here is my look....)

The main thing I want to show off is my Asos hat. I just love it and no more words are needed

i combined mango wool coat with risky white pants and black boots

This scarf I bought for my lovely hat, it is not of exact colour but I thing that is the main thing. 

Maybe somebody would say that this oversize sweater is not fit with wide pants but this old-style look is very stylish with hat (a-la 70s)

This HM sweater is very warm. you could also wear it with over-the-knee boots

Believe in your dreams and make a Christmas wish!