Happy Sunday to everyone!

It´s been a while since I have posted some new looks. Actually all the posts were prepared beforehand while I was in Europe. Currently, I am again in the heart of asia working hard and a lot. I started back again my TV career and soon my studies will start.

The look I share with you I wear to work when I have for example important event to make report on, some memorandum signing or conference.

Maybe you have noticed that I dont wear accessories very often, almost never because for me really the main accessory are watches and maybe some earrings. However when I made this look I felt that the necklace would be perfect here.

Simple white top and light black mango pants combining with office glasses make you more serious and at the same time stylish.

However this post is called accents, so why?

And my favorite ZARA shoes became this accent. They make look from very boring black and white really stylish and more interesting

Do not forget your signed notebook to write down all the necessary stuff for work ;)

Famous Tashkent tower is just behind me

Green necklace and almost yellow shoes, different colours but good combination

Be simple but always stylish,

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