Style.UZ National Dress Festival. Uzbek khan Atlas and Adras

Hi dear readers, I hope you have very happy Sunday. Finally, we can relax and do everything What do I want?  I want to continue to introduce you Art Week held in Tashkent.

Today I will write about the most interesting event, national dress festival.

Uzbek national dress is often made from "Atlas" or "Adras", this is the material well-known in the world but not many people know that this fashionable material is from Uzbekistan and it has great history. This material shows the colours if Uzbekistan, mixing fruits, trees, buildings. If you have already seen my blog post about Uzbek bazaar, you might know what I mean. If not here's the link

"Amidst all the excitement and frenzy that occurs during Style.Uz, the National Dress Festival is a spectacular event that blends austere tradition with bright and funky colours of modern design. This is where the past of Uzbek National art meets the present to make for fashion'forward national design solution. What has become a tradition, the festival is held in the form of an exciting show that comes as a celebration of national costumes"

No more words are necessary, more photos for you! Please, comment what you like the most!
the podium was made in the form of "tandir" it is uzbek national oven where bread and "somsa" are cooked

famous guests already wearing national costumes

 there were presented 13 collections by 15 designers.

 I really like this collection by Nilufar and Iroda

 collection by Sevara

typical khon atlas

collection by Gulshanoy

very much like the collection by Sherkhodjaeva Nargiza and Ilxom Davletov. They used my favorite national embroidery Suzanne

skull-cap is a national uzbek hat. For men there is a special embroidery, for women another, for brides also very different

the collection by LALI


one of my favorite by GUZAL MARGUPOVA

want the dress with such a material

 Denis Tomilin

Uzbekistan has different regions they were formed historically and today's regions are mostly reffered to the period of three khanates (emirates) Bukhara (including famous city of great Amir Temur Samarkand), Kokand (Ferghana valley and TASHKENT) and Khiva (Khorazm). These regions have its own national clothing which were presented on the event

Bukhara and Samarkand

Tashkent and Ferghana


there is a tradition in Uzbekistan that people should always give respect to the guests and girls should give a bow to the guests

the author of the project Gulnara in a jacket called "Chapan" made by Bukhara's masters, adore her style!

all the designers
for more photos follow this link
I think now you understand what Uzbek national dress is and maybe will wear some elements with Atlas or Adras.
Please, don't forget to comment, I need your opinion!
with LOVE,
Anastasia <3

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