Style.Uz STEFANO RICCI. Circus! Circus! Circus!

For the last 2 decades fashion weeks have become not just the presentations of new collections, it has become the places where people can share their emotions, demonstrate their style and get to know to the Art. What about Fashion Shows? They have become more than just "clothes", they have become like theater performances with actors, dancers and even.... Circus artists!

such a fashion show was held during Art Week Style.Uz 2013 on 25th of October by famous Italian brand Stefano Ricci.

Stefano Ricci was born in Florence, Italy. He began his carrier as the designer of men's ties. Then he build his own empire of top man's fashion. His clients are the Presidents, Diplomats, Politicians and other representatives of "Jet Set".

The quality of the clothes is the highest one. Additionally, the design is always classical and sophisticated.

Stefano Ricci brought to the fashion week Italian models and the artists from CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. It was an amazing show. when journalists asked him "Why don't you work with native uzbek models?" mr. Ricci answered "I wanted to bring a piece of Italy to Uzbekistan", I think that his idea was a success. Everybody, even foreign famous singers and actors were very happy to see such an amazing show.

I also was positively "shocked" as I have never seen such a performance in my life. Exotic birds, dogs, horses, fire show, acrobats of Cirque du Soleil.. OOOh la la ))
I want to share my emotions with you!

charming Italian models a la George Clooney blew his charm around the arena, dancing, glancing and smiling :)

t 1 am Tashkent circus even didn't pretend to sleep, marvelous show)

With the best emotions,
Anastasia <3

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