Goodbye my autumn music playlist

Hello dear friends! How are you? how is your mood? It's the last day of November, but my blog-post  about some landmarks in my city is not ready yet, unfortunately I have not time@@@. However, I can't leave autumn season without a dot. So, I decided to write my playlist of (new, even I prefer some old hits) songs I listened this November, this can remind me about the season. I hope that you will find them pleasant and listen ti it when you have time :)

1. 30 Seconds of Mars - city of Angels

This song is very nostalgic and inspiring. the video also inspired me, youtube

2. Katy Perry - Unconditionally

I could say that new Perry's album PRISM is very good, there are a lot of romantic songs which I love.
Unconditionally music video is "unconditionally" incredible, I advice you to watch it. it's about love life. youtube link

3. One Direction - Right now

I love this song from British boys band's new album "Midnight memories", It was co-written with Ryan Tedder from One Republic. It's very very tender. 

4. Demi Lovato - neon lights

even though you maybe think that I am very pop-ish in music preferences, you may be wrong, because i listen always only I like and prefer the artists who use real musical instruments. Here are the songs which just pleasant to listen, they don't bother you and make you smile.

5. Glee Cast - Marry the night (Adam Lambert's cover)

Adam Lambert literally tore Lady GaGa in this song. I love glee tv serial and was very impressed of Lambert's coming :)) You must watch it)))

There are a lot of other songs, but I need to go :)


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