Malaga style. Flat hat

Happy summer to all my dear readers, especially those who are planning to go on vacations to the sea. I have already finished my staying in Spain and returned back to "reality", working everyday and just really deppened into this routine.

However I found some time to share with you my looks whicj I wore them and today is one of my favorites - total white look for beach, sun and of course flat hat which I love so much.

This look I wore in amazing Spanish city Malaga which is located in the south of the country province called Andalucia. Malaga was sunny, funny and really shining. So white look is perfect for this kind of weather.

My asos silver sandals became really irreplacable to wear there. I think they harmonically combined with hat with blue strape

If you don't want to get suntanned as much wear white shirt. its really light and nice. Inside I wore black bralette

Malaga is amazing city to spend there nice time. Beach, shops, nice poeple and a lot of wonderful bars - perfect vacations for youngsters!

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