Black suite: everything you need

Hello my dear readers! Autumn season is in full swing and golden leafs are dancing like in the ball!
Girls put on their beautiful jackets and umbrellas or gorgeous hats and hit the lights of big city.

Today I'm presenting another must have in our office (University) wardrobe. 
This is black suite with white shirt which are always necessary for official meetings, conferences etc. 
but if we add some details this look will be awesome for a daily life :)
First are my favourire high heels which I combine with different styles. Here they are so cool with my industrie chinos.

This blazer is very stylish as it is long, at the same time it's the classics.

Black bag and black suite is a good idea but you know that I love to add some unusual details, this fur chain is the hit of the season :)

Maybe someone will think that this look is boring and very simple but these clothes will never be out of style


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