Ideal white suite

Hello dear readers! I hope you enjoy how the leafs started to fall and light wind is waving your hair, as it is the fall time :)

This time a prepared a very special post for you. I was preparing my casual office looks for you to show how can we go to University and work. It is nice to have black and white suite to be always ready. But once I collceted the photos I've got an amazing offer from Adore me lingerie wear to show my ideal look for a date night.

First of all I thought that I would certainly wear nice dress and light jacket, and make french braid, but then I decided to make it in unordinary way!

What is IDEAL date? It is when a girl is running home to be prepared and make a chaos in her room, and wearing all the clothes she has. And after one or two hours she realizes that she is so late that she  should run to her boyfriend immediately.

However, the time has changed and now girls are so busy with their personal development that there is no time to get prepared.  To be very honest with you, I am a full-time student and at the same time I'm working on TV channel till late time. When I come home I feel so tired and sometimes there's not enough time for personal life. So, when I have some nights out I'm going there right from the work. That is why my outfit should be classical and at the same time romantic. I do this transformation from a student to a rocky girl almost every week when I meet with my friends or when I'm going to birthdays.

So, I have an offer to you, and it is white suit which is romantic and at the same time very demure. I think your boyfriend will think that you frivolous when you wear such a costume :)

I combined this mango suit with stylish HM jeans.
I think blue shirt is the best one for this creamy suit.

This hair style is the best one to make your outfit romantic

What I add to trandform the look from "day casual" to "date night"?
I'm taking my lovliest highheels with me and....

...wear stylish small bag.
Actually this adras bag is Uzbek one, made from national material but in a modern way. 

This combination may seem somehow strange for a date night but I urge you that I would wear this because of time limits and in order to feel confidence.

But there is one thing you shouldn't forget in order to not loose your condifence - right lingerie. I think I would wear this amazing balconette from adore me. I t also repeats the colours of my look :)
In such a comfortable lingerie you would certainly feel confidence!

Dark lipstick is the last detail you shouldn't forget to be ideal girlfriend at date night :)

Dear girls, don't be afraid to feel free when you choose your look for a night and just have the best date night out
Love you immensely,

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