Breakfast in the big city

Hello my dear readers! Wish you have good day :)

Today I present you my favourite look, though, I was so tired and this photshoot was made hastily and I have no make-up on and my hair were not styled (as it was time to fly home but I urged my mom to make me some photos of new outfit and i had to wear this clothes at the hotel reception), nevertheless I love to share this look.

So, I think a young stylish lady from a big city should start her day from little breakfust at Starbucks, drinking ice fapuccino and eating chocolate-banana cupcake :)

Then she would be ready to conquer the city jungles.
Actually this Berjaya Time Square in KUala Lumpur, one of the biggest city shopping and entertainment centers. Moreover there is the hotel which is so good for shopping lovers

Using weather opportunities I wear stylish Forever 21 dress with sequins. I think if to wear high-heels this dress will look gorgeous for a night out. To make this look more casual I have chosen black boots which I also bought at forever21

I think that this dress is so glamorous, So I fell in love with it at the first sight

small black bag is the best accessory to make the look complete.

This boots are also very comfortable and stylish. They can be also worn with jeans and light shirt.

Unfortunately, in Tashkent I could not wear this outfit because the weather is dry and you will never see a girl who wears boots without stockings and warmy sweater. But in Kuala Lumpur the weather is wet and I felt really comfortable wearing it.
I wish I had better hairstyle and make up :)))
Lots of LOVE,
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