Palace of prince Romanov in Tashkent

Tashkent is the city of contrast. Oriental and modern (European) cultures are mixed together and created a new direction of Tashkent architecture.
Tashkent is not only bazaars, mosques or tall hotels. there is one place left which reminds us about monarchy. It is the palace of prince Romanov Nicolas (grandson of Nicolas I). He was deported and lived here.

The palace is built in "modern style" at the end of 19th century. the facade is guarded by two bronze figures of deers.  Earlier there was a monument of Atlas carrying the world, now this monument is kept in national museum.

Unfortunately we can't see the inner part of the building now as it is the Reception House of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

the building is placed at the center of the city. there is some sightseeing
palace of youth art

 behind - gallery of fine Arts
the palace of Independence

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