National adras (ikat) look

Hello dears! Spring is in full swing and I could tell that my spring awakening is over here :)
I prepared this publication for a long long time but was very very ill and it was so sad, I couldn't even walk and was very weak.
Because of my illness I understood how precious the life is and that family is our treasure. Today I'm quite healthy, that's why happy :)

I wrote a lot of articles about uzbek national material adras/atlas/ikat. It is very popular and finally I bought a material of trend colour "radiant orchid" and  this skirt was sewed for me by my design.
I combined this pretty skirt with white cotton blouse and handmade crown.

I chose sweet beige shoes. It's sooo comfortable

this headband / crown I made  by myself. It's my first work of such an origin but I love it

Thank you for attention
Lots of LOVE,

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