My Tashkent. center of the city. Square

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, it is located in the heart of Asia (actually, that is why my blog was named as Style from the heart of Asia). I was born and grown up here... I love my city.

When you first come to Tashkent you maybe want to observe historical landmarks. So, the first should be Chorsu Bazaar, about which I wrote before, the link is here. but in reality when you come to Tashkent you first visit our city center which is called "Amir Temur square" because of historical monument of national hero Amir Temur. He is well know warrior and the governor of Transoxiana (Mawarannahr) in 14-15 centuries. 

Some years ago the monument was geographical center of Tashkent, but as our city is growing rapidly the center has been moved. However, for most of the citizens it is still the center, as there are a lot of malls, hotels, administrative buildings and museums.
 there different buildings around the square and the most interesting is Tashkent chimes. the monument (to the right) was built after World War 2 in 1947. in 2009 the chime got its twin in honor of Tashkent's 2200s jubilee

Hotel Uzbekistan is one of the oldest Hotels in Tashkent. It was  built in 1974 and was one of the most modern buildings in the USSR. It consists of 17 floors and considered as one of the best hotels in Uzbekistan.
You can also see Plaza hotel behind (to the right)

this marvelous building is quite newб it is the Palace of International Forums "Uzbekistan"
Everyday i enjoy its beautiful roof with 2 storks through the view from my window. this building was also opened in 2009

Museum of Temuryd's  (Amir Temur's and his family)

Wish you once visit my country,
Lots of LOVE,

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