It's Elementary, my dear Watson

Hello, dears! I congratulate you with Spring! I wish it will be very happy!
I've been preparing this publication for a long time, but now I'm ill((( and that's why I finally have time to write this being home.

University routine makes me so sad and bored, so, only books help me to dissolve in the magical universe of different stories. One day, the feeling of "I need to read Sherlock Holmes", suddenly came to my brain and I started to read this interesting book written by Arthur Conan Doyle and this book intrigued me. By the way, I DIDN'T watch Sherlock TV-series EVER! I prefer to read first :)

Now, I'm going to introduce you my look inspired by this film. It's very simple and maybe doesn't make me beautiful or stylish, but we need to hide away in order to "declassify this business" (about our city center). the next publication in my blog will show you the results of my investigation! Wait :)

What do we need in order to mingle with the crowd??
- Yes, Black hat

I love wearing this leo scarf and my favorite white MNG Sweater with Lee jeans 

Thank you for Attention, wait for the next publication
Lots of LOVE,

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