Bolshoi theater in Tashkent and laconic look


Dear beautiful ladies and girls, how summer is going on? Wish you enjoy your holidays and follow all the style guidance.
Today I want to combine two of my blogs' directions - Tashkent's landmarks and my outfit.
I made a photoset in front of marvelous place  - State Academic Bolshoi Theater which was built in 1939 by Shusev's project. It is very beautiful and great building which combines old european and Uzbek national styles.

Moreover, you can watch great ballet and listen to opera from the stars of Uzbek opera art. Recently, I have been on the premier of Giselle ballet. It was amazing!

If you are in Tashkent you should absolutely visit this place.

And now about my outfit. This is black-and-white combination of high waist classic shorts, white top and my lovely cape blazer.

 Finally i got the sandals of my dream. I first fell in love with them in Bangkok but unfortunately It was the last day and we should have taken off home and did not have money! It was so sad but finally my dream came true and I ordered them! Yeahhh!

The theater is so huge and I am so small in front of it

Enjoy summer,

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