Colorful umbrella and jeans skirt

Hello my dears! How are you doing?

I wish you have great summer and follow all the latest fashion trends being always unique and stylish.

I am very busy with my work but still trying to find some time to share with you some trends. To watch more of my looks and preview, you are more than welcome to follow me on Instagram

Tashkent is in the best outfit nowadays as the 15th SCO Summit was held in our capital on June 23-24. it was exciting moment for all of the citizens as it became more beautiful as it is.

surprises were awaiting our city not only in official but in some little streets youngsters found a must-have place to make selfie or group photo - Umbrella Installation which was firstly created in Portugal.

We did not want to miss the moment and present a new outfit, combining classics as i always do with some latest trends.

This high-waist skirt is mostly for skinny models but it was a present of my close friends and I could not resist to wear this.

I combined this skirt with white sneakers (Reebok) and US Polo shirt,
I think that this look is very classy and at the same time casual 

Rihanna's Umbrella song is stuck in my head looking at this photo :)

What about accessories?
The best one is of course SMILE!
Especially in summer :)


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