Collect moments!

Moments! there are a lot of them in our lives, and Fashion Moments have also their place in this Book... the book of wonderful memories that we do not want to forget. We live in a world full of digital things, and sometimes forget about real things. 

When I am looking at the photos that I've posted to my blog I often think: "I need to make a real photo album with these FASHION MOMENTS". That is why I have decided to make this post which you should imagine is the page of one great photo album.

I was inspired to write it by amazing creative group Social Print Studio who make our digital photos real!

Traveler's FASHION!

last summer I've been to exciting and amazing country Thailand! I was really impress by the beauty of the sea and nature itself. In spite of being very hot weather I wanted to look stylish and brought my Uzbek National skirt combining it with fashiony t-shirt. I think that those who saw me would never forget this "strange sneakers-skirt-headband look" that is why I want this memories be remembered on the photos of my photo books

Cinderella's story

 Inspired by Disney Cinderella movie I tailored this dress, such a classic fashion would never be old. this photoset should also be never forgotten! 

GOLD Classics!

 Even if i am not a model, my photobook would always have the modeling photo - classics of genre. Wanted to share this outfit earlier but could not manage to do it, it is another reason to post it on my lovely photobook post :)

Thank you for watching my little photobook full of my favorite looks and memories! do not be so "digital"

Stay tuned,
Love you,

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