Be like awesome witch

Hello my dear readers!
Actually I prepared this look for the Lucky Community competition. Autumn is one of the most wonderful seasons, it is the season of colors and leather jackets. But the most precious accessory of this autumn is, of course, HAT! 

Some of the clothes I wore earlier, maybe you saw my sweater, leather jacket and my favorite h&m scarf.
When I wear this hat, my friends call me witch, as they just seen the flast witch hunter with Vin Diesel ☺️🙈 
But I love this hat: it is stylish and makes me feel warm

I am also in love with this faux leather skirt! I have finally found that suits me much! To be honest it is really heard to be not vulgar wearing over knee boots and leather skirt 🙈

Nevertheless, autumn is the wonderful season!

Lots of love ❤️, Anastasia

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