Bukhara: a Blue Blue Sky

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it is been a while that i have not been here.... I am very sorry for that but I have some problems with i-connection and my laptop is not working well. So I would like to catch up everything that I missed here.

On April this year I visited amazing historical city of my country - Bukhara. it is really sacral and ancient city. there are a lot of holy places with great history and miracles. I will never forget the city which imprssed me so much.
When people from different countries here the name "Uzbekistan" that unfortunately think that it is Pakistan or Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. However, if you tell them Bukhara they will certainly say Yea, it is my dream to see this city.
there are hundreds of monuments, when you come here you imagine that you transformed to 16th century when the "khans" (emperors) were reigning and there were no any technology or internet :)

memorial of famous Naqshband the founder of Sufi Muslim order

 the most famous dynasty of Bukhara were the Samanids, Bukhara became the intellectual center of the Islamic world. The historic center of Bukhara, which contains numerous mosques and madrassas (muslim educational institutions), has been listed by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites.

Mausoleum of Ismail Samani 11th Century. this architectural monument is unique. the construction lives about 10 centuries, it is made of special burned bricks

famous fortress "the Arc"

the handcrafting in Bukhara distinguishes from other regions, smithing is very popular and special here 

and there should be no words about fashiom. the patterns of embroidery is very unique here
inside of Arc

minaret Kalyan is the the highest one

Starting from my favorite part: 

Sitora i Mohi Khosa - summer residence of the last emir (governor) of Bukhara emirate dates to 19th century. the time when Russia conquered central Asia, that is why the palace combines European and Asian styles 

You can find a lot of information about this town, its History and even fashion.
I would just say that I think that Bukhara is the city of blue sky, city of Sacred and holy places...that impressed my soul

Love you,

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