A Fresh new Spring

Hello my dears! Welcome spring!
I am very sorry for being silent for a long time, but I want to make a fresh new start (or spring).
I have some technical reasons for being unavailable here, but you can always contact me on facebook or Instagram.

Today I would like to show a new look for early spring. It is not the time to leave winter as the weather is still not so warm but spring colours should be included to our outfits.
I suggest to wear a colourful and unusual sweetshot or sweater, and if you are brave - wear dark coloured lipstick, for example burgundy or violet!

I have chosen a snake-like sweater with my lovely jeans, classic heeled shoes and leather biker jacket. All of these elements are supplemented by my new favourite lipstick colour

this sweater's pattern makes it look luxurious, and your everyday look may become more adorable :) 
(sweater H&M)

as the weather is not warm yet, don't forget to wear leather jacket. Ideal combination!

my Casio watches always remind me about time 

of course, how could we "survive" without "selfie" in modern time

Victoria's Secret jeans are the best for me

Be stylish and simple!

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