Black cat

Hello my dear readers! I've been away for more than 2 months as I was very very ill. During that time I have understood one thing - Health is the most precious thing of our lives. We can't buy it and only love of your family can totally cure you! Love is the best medicine...

Day by day I'm recovering and now I'm waiting for the marvellous holiday New Year.
Today I've been to the film premier "Into the Woods". I suppose that haven't totally understood the meaning of this film.

Now, I'm going to introduce you a winter look. I have chosen black wool coat, sweater, trapezoid skirt and over-knee boots.
I think it's the most comfortable look for not so cold winter. I adore the combination of over-knee boots with skirts
Beautiful centre of our city

cat ears hat is the most convenient way to make very official and classic outfit more "youth" and funny

I would rather choose a black sweater, but unfortunately I don't have one in my wardrobe

Have a nice day my dears, don't forget to comment,
Love you,

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