Another warm Central Asian city: Almaty

Central Asia... For many people from Europe and America the country with the name ending with -stan is something very close, strange and without any civilization. But when they come here, for example to Uzbekistan they become very surprised that this country has great History and there are a lot of things to see and a lot of opportunities to live and work. Maybe that's why i decided to show some landmarks of my country in this blog, because there are really many things people must see :) Hope you are not disappointed :)

This July i was the 5th time in another Central Asian country Kazakhstan. I guess that more people know about this country and there are a lot of reasons to know about it. There is one of the biggest and well known city Almaty which attracts people with its beautiful nature and modern infrastructure. i fell in love with this city. it's a small megalopolis, surrounded by beautiful mountains. As I was not the first time I had not the opportunity to observe Almaty's landmarks, we went shopping all day with my mom and came home without any power :D (Sale on the way xD)

So I shot not many photos but here are what I captured
You can find a lot more Historic information about this wonderful city, just google it :)
Many people call this city as South capital, as there a lot of people working there, a lot of factories and of course entertainment places
It is the Central square of Almaty called "Arbat"
Kazakh national landscapes

As I told the city is surrounded by beautiful mountains
the biggest shopping center

I really enjoyed this city because of the weather and amazing view! I advise you to visit it also :)

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