Rescue from the Heat&Hunger. Milk cocktail recipe

Hello my dears! I've not been writing for a long time, as I was very busy and somehow depressed, but you always inspire me to write more and I will certainly write more interesting publications soon.

A heat wave came to Tashkent, so fatty food does not fit, that is why we need something tasty and light. For the last months I've been trying to seize my stress and I always wanted something tasty to eat. This cocktail helps me to raise my mood :)

Here' the recipe:
You will need
- milk
-1 banana
- some strawberry
- ice cream
- blender or shaker

1. mix banana strawberry and ice-cream

2. Add some milk (the amount of milk depends on your preferences on cocktails density)

3. shake it in blender

4. Voila! very simple recipe but delicious cocktail :)))

I spend no more than 7 minutes on making it. Bon appetit!

See you soon,

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