The last song of winter outfit

Hello my dears! :)) How are you? How was you St. Valentine's day?
This publication has been in my head for over 2 months and I could not manage my time to prepare it. Ohhh University life is SOOOO Difficult! Thanks God I started a new semester and it means that spring is waiting for us)) Hope, it will be very productive and happy for all of you!

So, My outfit is quite simple and comfortable for winter. There has not been such a cold winter in Uzbekistan for the past 10 years, so, my mummy lent me her fur coat.
my "love" of the season is absolutely burgundy Cossack hat. Actually, I ordered the black one but now I am happy that it was made a mistake in the order )))

i wanted to wear jeans but decided to show the look I wear to the University, so I chose classic black trousers, high heeled boots and my favorite turquoise scarf, it's sooo warm)))
By the way, it is an experiment to make up red lipstick! :) What do you think of it??

Finally, would like to tell that I fell in love with Adam Lambert's song - "runnin", don't know why but it characterize my February's mood :)

Hope, you will like my post,
Lots of LOVE,
Anastasia <3

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