Turkish food in the heart of Asia

As I told, Tashkent is very hot city an sometimes we need to escape from the heat wave but enjoy the natural background. Mountains, lakes are a very good idea but if it is workingday?
So I have a rest in nica cafe with Turkish food called "Efendi". What I like here, that there is very tasty but cheap food. Also the service is pretty enough and the atmosphere is very "tranquille" (calm)

 I prefer to sit at summer terrace/ there is very nice view and a lot of fontains save from the sun.

Pizza at Efendi id very tasty

salad called American
If you son't want to burden yourself with a heavy meat diet, there are a lot of fresh juices (orange, strawberry and cherry) and light salads which can subtitude you a heavy lunch

Thank you for Attention!
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