Asian Bazaar Chorsu. Part2

Today I'm gonna introduce more new photos of Ancient Bazaar Chorsu which is situated in the old part of Tashkent. I want to repeat that I'm sharing the photos which were shooted during the master class with german blogger Mary Scherpe ( and French photographer Cyrille Robin. The workshop was devoted to Street Style and fashion photography in Uzbekistan and was held from 13 to 18th of May. from the 22nd of May untill 5th of June you can enjoy the photographs of Mary, Cyrille and the works of the participants of the workshop (20 uzbek photographers) .
grandma and her little granddaughter with strawberry around brooms

me and Mary

Tuychi (representative of German embassy and our indispensable entrepreneur ), Mary and Kamila (

the first three days of the workshop we were with amazing Mary Scherpe. the second day we went to the Chorsu and made photos, from which we should have chosen 5.

With the help of Mary I could talk with people and make them to pose me. Now it is easier to me to talk with people before taking photos of them Also, She showed the participants how to use natural light in order to make things look beautiful in the photograph.

Enjoy the photos)))

uzbek national embroidery "suzanne", very beautiful, though expensive

cook prepare Shashlik

bags with embroidery and souvenirs

Spices in Chorsu are very tasty and cheap. you cannot find such amazing range of spices which attract with their odour
Uzbek national clothing of bride

national clothing store

dish painted with ornament

bride's clothing

Thank you! Next article will be about thw work with Cyrille

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